The new Julia’s House Children’s hospice in Poole, Dorset was completed in 2005.  The grounds though needed £750,000 work as they were full of rubble and a mud bath.  The hospice worked closely with Briconomics to create a fantastic campaign generating over £100,000 and receiving high publicity with well-known personalities and national TV.

  • To raise as much as possible £ to complete the hospice grounds
  • To build an enhanced donor data base

The Products

  • Single Brick 210mm x 105mm £50
  • Double Brick 210mm x 210mm £100
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  • PR big push in local press with celebrities
  • Direct mail shots to warm and cold lists
  • Events and social fundraising
  • Lions club, Roundtable and Freemason lodges all helped contribute
  • Large commercial institutions – particularly financial were approach and responded well.


  • £100,000 raised.
  • A beautiful feature Walkway
  • Enhanced donor database

Key Success Factors

  • Very good planning and campaign structure
  • High profile personalities
  • Excellent direct marketing
  • Highly active team of fundraisers

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