Briconomics not only supports sports organisations with revenue generation services but also provides a wide range of stadium enhancement services. Our digital imaging technology can be used to create ultra-high definition images on different cladding surfaces including: vitreous enamel steel panels (ideal for rain screen cladding and sound proofing, aluminium panels, porcelain, glass and other surfaces. We use a special patented technology that fuses the colour into the glass coating or glass itself, unlike other systems that use a transfer and sometimes a glaze coating on top. With a 10 year UV guarantee and frost resistance, these images are vibrant and stunning to the eye.

Briconomics brick and granite engraving and paint technologies can be used to enhance stadia with cut-brick and stone images that are embedded into walkways and wall to build the brand and bring life to bland areas. Briconomics coatings will help protect your Walkways (engraved and others) and Walls from graffiti. Our maintenance and restoration services will help keep your Walls and Walkways of Fame in good condition and can help restore areas that are damaged by time or accidents.

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