Briconomics Fundraising is an unique blend of fundraising, marketing, I. T. business skills together with five different engraving technologies.

Established in 1998, Briconomics is the original personalisation specialist.
The depth of our experience, working with over 100 soccer clubs all over Europe and South Africa, distinctly places us to produce your installation to a very high standard, promptly, to fulfill and go beyond your earnings goals.

Briconomics Fundraising builds significant cash-positive income channels for Sports clubs with top quality personalised engraved ceramics, bricks, stones and metal sculptures. Fans will be bonded to their team in true, physical terms: assertions of devotion (a True Blue/Red etc), celebrations, birthdays, memorials, births, weddings Memorials, birthdays, weddings, celebrations, births all captured forever in their own personalised engraved brick or stone.

Briconomics Fundraising digital imaging technology is blazing a trail with high resolution imaging on ceramics, vitreous enamel panels, aluminium, stone and glass to provide thrilling innovative ways of providing fan Walls and Walkways, our new space-saving and very lucrative photo mosaics, tiled murals and also a host of stadium branding and enhancement merchandise. Our support desk and considerable expenditure in IT systems and retail delivery tools make your life easy and your marketing campaign hugely engaging and successful. The customer always comes first.


Briconomics offers you an array of different marketing services and products to match your sports club’s specific requirements.
From traditional earthen brick and solid granite engraved stones, to your own club’s bespoke ceramic color styles, our innovative patented process porcelain tiles, vitreous enamel panels and photo mosaic imaging, Briconomics provides the very best quality cutting edge merchandise to your stadium.

Photo Mosaic Murals: 

Briconomics Fundraising photo mosaic murals are an fantastic means of engaging with your followers and creating sizeable income. Supporters can share their identity adding photographs into your overall image(s) and receive copies of their image as part of the photo mosaic. An enthralling concept reflecting your branding and history, driven by powerful software with a myriad of value-added features. Produced on vitreous enamel (road signs/London Underground ) for long lasting endurance, these systems are movable, so if your plans change, you can change with them.

SponsorTile™ murals: 

SponsorTile™ murals create a contemporary look to your supporter walls. You can have murals any size you like be it single images or composites. Surrounded by Tribute Tiles with personalised dedications, SponsorTile™ murals are modern day engraved bricks with all the benefits and flexibilities of creative design embracing logos, illustrations, pictures of players, managers and legends (and without paint degradation). SponsorTiles™ are made with top quality, Wedgewood-style porcelain tile ideal for internal and outside placement, constructed with ultra-high colour resolution patented process guaranteed against colour decline. We will even produce tremendously long lasting SponsorTile™ flooring tiles ( found in the London Underground) for Walkways.


SponsorPanels™ are vitreous enamel steel panels ( identical to subway or street signs) with ultra-high definition colour developed with an exclusive patented technology that fuses the colour into the glass finish itself, different from other systems. With a Ten-year ULTRAVIOLET warranty and frost resistance, these images are exciting and beautiful to the eye.


Fundraising clay pavers:  

Briconomics Fundraising clay pavers help to make elegant Walkways; fabricated to engineering strength standards, created to take on significant footfall and light traffic. Engraved to a depth below the surface, underneath foot contact, and then hand coated by using a resilient and durable paint. Obtainable in two sizes: single paver 200mm x 100mm x 45mm and double paver 200mm x 200mm x 45, in red, buff and charcoal colorations.

Briconomics Wall slips (tiles) are created from ninety percent recycled ash and clay and kiln fired to make a super strong, long wearing wall slip, hand coated with a heavy duty and enduring paint. Available as a single wall slip – 215mm x 65mm x 16mm, double wall slip – 215mm x 140mm x 16mm and as a triple wall slip – 215 x 215 x 16mm, in red, buff and charcoal. On the larger sized Wall Tiles, a blend of text and a simple logo or insignia boosts your brand and increases results.


Fundrasing granite pavers:  

Briconomics granite pavers and wall tiles are made from the finest quality stone granite available. Pavers have a perfected (matt finish) for slip resistance and wall tiles (plaques) have a nice polished finish.

Pavers are 30mm depth and wall tiles 20mm. They can be cut to size; typical dimensions are: 200mm x 100mm 200mm x 200mm, 300mm x 300mm and 400mm x 400mm


Fundrasing Ceramic brick slips:  

Ceramic brick slips are superior quality long lasting wall tiles in lively colours that boost the brandname of your arena. Supporters identify very closely with the powerfully branded Wall because they echo hues and images that are deep within their lives. Ceramics supply a very current, refreshing and long-lasting appearance that combines strong colour styles with classical engraving. Available in a wide range of sizes and can be combined with SponsorTile™ murals for centre stones for that special look.


Briconomics not only supports sports organisations with revenue generation services but also provides a broad variety of stadium enhancement services. Our digital imaging technology can be used to create ultra-high definition images on different cladding surfaces including: vitreous enamel steel panels ( ideal for rain screen cladding and sound proofing, aluminium panels, porcelain, glass and other surfaces. We use a special patented technology that fuses the colour into the glass coating or glass itself, unlike other systems that use a transfer and sometimes a glaze coating on top. With a 10 year UV guarantee and frost resistance, these images will be vibrant and stunning to the eye.

Briconomics brick and granite engraving and paint technologies can be used to enhance stadia with cut-brick and stone images that are embedded into walkways and wall develop the brand and pep up uninteresting settings. Briconomics coatings will help shield your Walk-ways (engraved and others) and Walls from graffiti. Our restoration and maintenance services will help to maintain your Walls and Walkways of Fame always look great and can help fix surfaces which have been affected by time or mishaps.


Families of life long supporters love to honour faithful followers that have passed on by way of an personalised brick or stone in a Wall or Walkway (garden) zone. On occasions, an unique custom memorial could be designed to remember important times including World Wars, disasters, pandemic victims and heroes. Briconomics Fundraising can help sports clubs and other organisations honour individuals and community remembrances in a way that is tasteful and reflects your brand.


Briconomics Fundraising will help you get set up and ready to go with our e-commerce engine. Customised to your look and feel, your own microsite, quick, easy to set-up, it issues e-certificates for data verification and takes away the hassle of administration with a variety of management controls and reporting.

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